Arcusin returns to Lerma, located in the heart of Castilla y León.

After the pandemic break and a post-covid year with low attendance, the agricultural fair of Lerma recovers its success in 2023 with more than 240 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees. This fair has always been a national reference for Arcusin as it is in the heart of Castilla y León, one of the highest production areas of cereal and straw in Spain.

Energetically sustainable company

Last September, the installation of 1062 photovoltaic panels was completed on the entire surface of the roof of the Arcusin warehouses. The total sum of these panels represents 2750 m2 with a capture power of 575kW.

We love ArcuFests!

For yet another year, we have been able to celebrate the Arcufest, the traditional Arcusin end-of-season party.

After a very hot summer, it seemed that on September 2 the storm of the end of the world had to fall… but not even the worst weather forecast was going to take away our desire and illusion to celebrate the fantastic campaign we had done and the desired return back to normal after two and a half years of pandemic.

It was a party with everything; teamwork dynamics (we had to build a bridge), games (the classic handkerchief game), raffles, speeches, laughter, dancing (until almost dawn!), good live music and lots and lots of food, but above all all joy and an incredible atmosph

Arcusin receives an award for its Leadership in Innovation and Digitalization

The Chamber of Commerce in Lleida hosted the fifth edition of the Pyme of the Year award on December 21st in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Banco Santander. These awards seek to recognize the efforts being made by companies in Lleida to generate employment and wealth in the territory.

In the last few years, Arcusin has gone through a digital transformation, integrating digital technologies into all areas of our business with the goal to provide new revenue opportunities and deliver value to our customers. This became especially important after the global pandemic hit in 2020, as we were forced to find new ways to stay connected with our international customers and seek new revenue opportunities.

These efforts were recognized last Tuesday by the Chamber of Commerce, as Arcusin received the award for being a company leader in innovation and digitalization within the province.

We are grateful for the recognition, and we are extremely proud of our team for all the accomplishments they have achieved these last couple of years. We will continue to improve and evolve our business to serve the needs of the agricultural industry.

Bale handling equipment start-up tour in France

As a family-owned business, it is in our DNA to build tight relationships with our clients, who we consider part of our bale handling family. That’s why when we sell a machine, we always go to our customer’s location to do the initial start-up and spend a full day with them showing how to operate the machine in their fields.

The ForStack accumulator, to the conquest of Europe

After the successful demonstration route in France with the ForStack bale accumulator during the 2017 campaign, this year we decided to repeat the experience and even extend it. It was decided to visit, in addition to numerous French customers, a representation of German farmers, all of them in their own fields at the time of bale harvesting.