The first ever bundler to work with 2 & 3-tie bales

What’s unique about this bundler?

The Multipack was the first bundler to hit the market more than 25 years ago. For the first time, farmers were able to automatize the collection and storage of small square bales and become much more profitable.

With the launch of our lattest model, the Multipack E14, we bring more compaction than ever before. For the first time ever, we offer customers the possibility to work with any and all size bales, even the bigger 3-tie bales. Size is not an issue anymore! This revolutionary machine is reshapping the small bale handling market, offering a system that eliminates unproductive, labor-intensive work and increases the efficiency of thousands of farms around the world.

Automatic working cycle

Monitored from display in the tractor cabin

Vertical & lightweight design

Extremely agile, can get in tight spaces & difficult terrains

Bale length variability

Choose any size bale from 32-48 in (80-120 cm) without adjustments

Large & flexible entry guide

Picks up small bales laying on any direction

Performance 700 bales/hour

Dependent on baled product & field conditions

Small tractor

No need to invest in a big tractor, 80 HP is enough

14 bales per pack (12, 10 or 8 optional)

No middle row, breathable form all sides

Adjustable compaction chamber

Possibility to reduce total bundle width to suit each product

The first bundler to work with 3-tie bales

Farmers have now a solution to handle these bales

The ARCUSIN bundling system

A completely automatized, non-stop working cycle that will save you hours of time



Each bale is smoothly collected with the pick-up arm and turned into the conveyor table

Picks up any size bale 32-48 in (80-120 cm) without adjustments

Can work with 3-tie bales with the optional conversion kit

The pusher arm feeds each bale into pressing chamber up to 14 times


Compressing & tying

Once the chamber is full, all bales are vertically compressed and tied together to from a highly compacted bundle

Compaction can be adjusted from 34-39 in in width (87-100cm) with a new clamps system

4 or 5 twines are used depending on bale size



The bundle slides out through the discharge gate and gently lands on the ground as the machine moved forward and the new pack is being formed

Why a 14 pack?

Working with 14 bale packs allow us to have a bundle with no middle row that breathes from all sides, which is a big deal when working with grass hay as it prevents mildew problems to appear once the bundle has been sitting in the barn, not to mention that reduces the amount of hay preservatives that need to be applied.

Our bundler can also work in higher moisture conditions, which is a huge decision factor for farmers living in high humidity areas.

Need a tool to move these bundles ?

Check out our line of bale handlers

Key features

Touch Screen control - E14

Visual and user-friendly control system to accurately track the working cycle as bales are being picked-up. Includes alert system with trouble-shooting assistance and possibility to retrieve all recorded data.

Weights and dimensions


On the coupling

On the wheel axle

3.280 kg

580 kg

2.400 kg




4.875 mm

2.100 mm

2.440 mm

Machine set-up

A step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble our MultiPack E14 bale bundler

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