We develop and manufacture specialized bale handling equipment to increase efficiency and cost savings for farmers around the world

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Our story

Arcusin's heritage is deeply rooted in agriculture, built as a company
with solid foundations and a deep connection with farmers

Our values

We provide solutions through technology and innovation, putting our customers always first. We pride ourselves in offering a first-in-class after sales service, available 24/7 wherever is needed

During the campaign, our R&D department spends a lot of time in the field talking to farmers, listerning to their needs and finding out solutions to their limitations

Our team is
our greatest asset

We share a common vision to revolutionize the agricultural industry though innovation while staying a close-knit family. Each of our team members play a vital role in driving Arcusin to success, constantly seeking new ways to serve and support farmers aroung the world.
We tackle challenges head-on, leveraging our expertise and creativity to find innovative solutions. We also take celebrations very seriously, with our ArcuFest being now an annual tradition where we celebrate our people and the wins and lessons that each season brings us.


We are a group of highly-trained professionals who are committed to serve the agriculture industry
with reliable & high-quality equipment, while providing an excellent customer service to our farmers

Visit our home

Our headquarters are located in Vila-sana, Spain, in a region with a rich agricultural background.
We welcome everybody here with open arms, so come on in!

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