Arcusin returns to Lerma, located in the heart of Castilla y León.

After the pandemic break and a post-covid year with low attendance, the agricultural fair of Lerma recovers its success in 2023 with more than 240 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees. This fair has always been a national reference for Arcusin as it is in the heart of Castilla y León, one of the highest production areas of cereal and straw in Spain.

The goal of this fair is to serve as a meeting point for the agricultural industry and generate wealth in the region, which unfortunately this year has been threatened by the lack of water. After talking to the farmers during these three days, their concern for the devastating consequences that this can bring to the livestock sector has become evident. There are already many farmers who are thinking about selling their animals for meat, given the shortage in cereal production and the rising prices of the feeding products.

During the show, we had the opportunity to meet Ursula Sanz Pascual, a new generation farmer who has taken the reins of the family business. Back at home they use an Arcusin E200 old stacker model, but now that she oversees all the agricultural machinery, she has her sights set on the new AutoStack FSX latest generation model, fully automatic and with the most advanced technology on the market. It was a pleasure chatting with her and seeing how the new generations are building their own path and are excited and motivated to work in the field more efficiently.

Overall, our feedback of the Lerma fair is positive, although we left with a bittersweet taste due to the lack of rain. We would like to think that this situation is temporary and will not last long, we hope things improve soon.

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