Bale Bundler

Discover how our bale bundler transforms agricultural logistics, offering automated and efficient solutions

Our Bale Bundler for Sale

The Multipack, a trailblazer in the bundler market for over 25 years, has transformed the handling of small square bales with its latest model, the E14. Offering unmatched compaction and versatility for all bale sizes, including 3-tie bales, this innovative machine streamlines the collection and storage process, significantly boosting farm profitability. With its agile design, variable bale length compatibility, and capacity to handle 700 bales per hour, the Multipack E14 is reshaping small bale handling, enhancing efficiency on farms worldwide.

Frequent questions

A bale bundler like our MultiPack D14 enhances efficiency by automating the collection and storage of small square bales. This machine allows farmers to be much more profitable, reducing manual labor and optimizing logistical processes.

The MultiPack D14 can handle up to 700 bales per hour, with the ability to adjust the number of bales per bundle. This high capacity makes it ideal for operations requiring efficient bale storage.

Yes, our bale bundler is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different sizes of small square bales, from 80 to 120 cm, without the need for adjustments, making it perfect for a variety of applications in square bale collection.

The MultiPack D14 offers significant advantages such as high-speed bundling, agile handling in small spaces and difficult terrains, and a vertical and lightweight design that improves visibility and reduces the need for a large tractor.

The MultiPack D14 is designed to work efficiently in different field conditions, offering excellent maneuverability and flexibility. Its large entry guide makes it easy to pick up bales laid in any direction, which is fundamental for versatile agricultural operations.

Yes, our MultiPack D14 is comfortable and easy to operate, thanks to its on-screen control from the tractor cabin. Its intuitive design and independent system allow for simple handling, making it accessible for operators without prior experience.

The MultiPack D14 is a sustainable choice due to its high efficiency and fuel savings. Its ability to work continuously and its independent system contribute to a more efficient operation with less environmental impact.

The MultiPack D14 can bundle up to 14 bales per package (with options of 12, 10, or 8), allowing efficient handling of large quantities of bales. This capability makes it ideal for large farms that require fast and efficient handling of a large number of bales.

Our bale bundler contributes to cost reduction by minimizing the labor required and saving on fuel. Its high speed and efficiency in collection and bundling mean less time and resources spent on these tasks, resulting in significant savings for farmers.

The MultiPack D14 requires relatively low maintenance. Its robust design and quality components ensure a long lifespan with basic regular maintenance, including checking the hydraulic system and lubricating moving parts.