Nut & Olive Shakers

Explore our range of vibrators for nuts and olives, designed to maximize harvesting without damaging tree integrity.

The AutoPick MT is an innovative shaker tailored for underdeveloped trees, adept at vibrating olive or nut trees with its unique extendable telescopic arm to access hard-to-reach branches. This rear-mounted unit, compatible with small tractors and capable of attaching a PARK umbrella, ensures gentle yet effective harvesting even in challenging orchards, making it ideal for diverse tree sizes from 6 cm to 23 cm in diameter and increasing overall farm productivity.
The AutoPick GTi is a refined, high-end shaker designed for efficient olive and nut tree harvesting, offering optimized, tree-friendly vibration without a telescopic arm, making it perfect for single-trunk trees. Its redesigned structure enhances working speed and minimizes tractor load, while its adaptability, including front or rear mounting options with a PARK umbrella, ensures maximum efficiency and profitability for farms, particularly in plantations with narrow frames and varying tree sizes.
The AutoPick GT, a premium shaker for olive and nut trees, is engineered for gentle yet effective vibration, ensuring tree integrity while maximizing harvest efficiency. With its telescopic arm and self-adjusting floating head, it’s perfect for trees of any age and trunk size, from 8 to 50 cm in diameter, enhancing farm profitability and ensuring clean, vertical fallout of produce for easy collection.

Frequent questions

Shakers like the AutoPick GTi significantly improve harvesting by providing optimized vibration that maximizes fruit fallout without damaging the tree, resulting in maximum efficiency and profitability.

Yes, models like the AutoPick GT are perfect for trees of various sizes, from young to adult, thanks to their self-adjusting floating head, ensuring perfect adaptation to the tree.

Our shakers, like the AutoPick MT, stand out with their patented kickback system, offering efficient and careful vibration that respects the tree’s integrity, ideal for trees with more than one trunk.

They contribute to sustainability by increasing production without damaging trees, which means production increases year after year. The AutoPick GT is an example of how advanced technology can improve profitability and sustainability.

We offer flexible configurations such as front or rear mounting, with or without umbrellas. The AutoPick GTi, for instance, is ideal for plantations with narrow frames and trees with one or more trunks.

Our shakers, like the AutoPick MT, offer maximum efficiency in product fallout, ensuring optimal collection without damaging sensitive parts of the tree like the young stem or bark.

The design of models like the AutoPick GT perfectly adapts to the needs of modern plantations, with telescopic arms for greater movement versatility and a system that allows working in confined spaces.

Power requirements vary depending on the model. For example, the AutoPick GTi operates efficiently with 90 HP front and 80 HP rear tractors, demonstrating its energy efficiency.

Yes, our shakers are easy to operate and maintain. Models like the AutoPick MT are characterized by their ease of use and low maintenance, making them accessible and cost-effective in the long term.

We ensure tree care through optimized vibration technology that protects branches, trunks, and roots. The AutoPick GT is an example of how our technology respects the tree’s integrity, ensuring its health and future productivity.