Bale Accumulator

Discover our bale accumulator: a quick and efficient solution for bale collection and handling in modern agriculture.
The ForStack is a versatile, high-speed bale accumulator, capable of stacking up to five bales vertically and suitable for all square bale sizes. Its patented system ensures efficient operation alongside up to three balers, with easy operation and full visibility, making it ideal for direct sales and lorry loading while reducing labor costs.

Frequent questions

Our ForStack bale accumulator enhances efficiency by facilitating the stacking and handling of square bales. It can keep up with up to three balers, stacking up to five bales vertically, significantly reducing collection time and minimizing the necessary effort, crucial for large-scale agricultural operations.

Yes, the ForStack is designed to be compatible with all sizes of square bales, offering great versatility. This adaptability makes it ideal for a wide range of agricultural applications, ensuring efficient handling of bales of different dimensions.

Our ForStack bale accumulator offers several advantages over traditional methods, such as high-speed stacking, total visibility during the process, and an independent hydraulic system that does not require a large tractor. These features ensure fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs, making it a more efficient and economical solution.

The ForStack is designed to work in different field conditions, offering excellent stability and alignment of bales even at high speeds. This ensures perfect stacking on a variety of terrains, which is fundamental for efficiency in large agricultural operations.

Yes, our ForStack is comfortable and easy to operate, requiring no previous experience. Its intuitive design and independent hydraulic system allow for simple handling, making it accessible to a wide range of operators, increasing efficiency in bale handling.

The ForStack is a sustainable option due to its high efficiency and fuel savings. Its ability to work continuously and its hydraulic system that prevents oil overheating contribute to a more efficient operation with a lower environmental impact, key in the innovation of bale accumulators.

The ForStack can stack up to five bales vertically, allowing efficient handling of large quantities of bales. This capacity makes it ideal for large farms that require fast and efficient handling of a large number of bales.

Our ForStack bale accumulator contributes to cost reduction by minimizing the necessary labor and saving on fuel. Its high speed and efficiency in collecting and stacking bales mean less time and resources spent on these tasks, translating into significant savings for farmers.

The ForStack requires relatively low maintenance. Its robust design and quality components ensure a long lifespan with basic regular maintenance. This includes checking the hydraulic system and lubricating moving parts, ensuring optimal and reliable performance.

Safety is paramount in the design of the ForStack. Its excellent visibility during stacking and collection, combined with its stability at high speeds, ensures a safe operation. Additionally, its design allows the operator to maintain complete control throughout the process, reducing the risk of accidents.