AutoPick MT

 The ligthest and most versatile shaker

What’s unique about this shaker?

The AutoPick MT is an exclusive shaker designed to act directly on the trunk and brunches of underdeveloped trees, performing vibration on any type of olive or nut tree. Its extendable telescopic arm can reach branches that are usually unaccessible by other vibrators, increasing the amount of total fruit harvested.

It is rear-mounted and offers the possibility to attach a PARK umbrella for easier recollection

Optimal vibration after 30 years of experience

Arcusin patented kickback system

Ideal for trees with more than one trunk, from 6 cm to 23 cm in diameter

The MT maximum clamp aperture is 25 centimeters

Can reach the most inaccessible branches with its telescropic arm (95 cm)

Adapted to all terrain and orchard types

Ideal for small tractors

65 HP double traction without umbrella and 75 HP double traction with umbrella

Maximum efficiency in harvesting large olive and nut quantities

Can vibrate on underveloped trees without damaging their integrity

Maximum profitability for the farm

Production increases year after year, product is left clean and ready for sale or subsequent processing


Choose the right set-up for your operation

Rear-mounted without umbrella:

65 HP double traction

It can be front-mounted only without umbrella

Rear-mounted with PARK umbrella

tractor 75 HP double traction. For farms with planting frames starting at 5×5.

Key features


Multipurpose clamp that can work directly on trunks shorter than 24 centimeters or on secondary branches for taller trees. Optimal vibration is accomplished thanks to its 360º rotatory movement which allows to reach more parts of the tree, resulting in increased harvest production.

The clamp is equipped with natural rubber studs of different hardnesses to adapt to all types of plantations depending on the harvesting season.


The PARK model can be attached to all our vibrators

The PARK inverted umbrella offers an effective gathering method that doesn’t harm the harvested fruit or nut in any way. Manufactured with the most resistant fabrics, ensures maximum recollection for years to come. This umbrella can be attached to all Autopick shaker models.

Innovative canvas

Made with dividers and welds to optimize product recollection Diameter of 6,5 meters with possibility to extend to 8 meters

Customizable canvas height

Two measurements: 1,5m vs 1,8m

Aperture of 95m

The entrance mouth of the umbrella at the foot of the tree is 95 cm wide

Loading capacity of 400 kg

The unloading operation is carried out by opening the lower hatch


AutoPick MT


1.710 Kg


3.350 MM


1.650 MM


1.720 MM



6500 mm


6500 mm


1600 mm

Looking for a simpler model?

Check out the Autopick GTi, our simpler model offering the same vibration quality

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