Bale Stackers

Discover our advanced bale stackers and loaders, AutoStack FSX and XP.

The AutoStack XP, our lighter stacker model, is expertly crafted for challenging conditions such as irrigated, muddy, and soft fields. This highly efficient machine, with an automatic working cycle managed from the tractor cabin, enables a single operator to collect and stack up to 100 large bales per hour, featuring a self-steering rear axle to reduce soil compaction and ensuring safe, compact stacking.
The AutoStack FSX is our most advanced stacker model, designed for maximizing bale logistics efficiency in large-scale farming. Featuring a fully automatic cycle for safe and efficient single-operator use, it handles up to 120 bales per hour and adapts seamlessly to all terrain types.

Frequent questions

The loading capacity varies depending on the model. For example, the AutoStack FSX can extend its platform from 6.3 m to 7.2 m, handling up to 16 standard bales of 90×120. This capacity is ideal for large-scale agricultural operations, optimizing efficiency and performance. Learn more about its capacity in AutoStack FSX.

We use a patented loading mouth that automatically activates the chains when detecting the bale, loading it in a single movement and preventing damage. This advanced technology is crucial for handling different sizes and types of bales without the risk of deterioration. Discover more about this technology in our AutoStack comparison.

Yes, they are designed for easy and intuitive operation. Although robust and suitable for intensive work in large farms, their operation does not require previous experience, thanks to their simple controls and automatic systems. Learn more about ease of use in AutoStack XP.

Regular maintenance is required, including inspection of hydraulic and mechanical components, lubrication, and necessary adjustments. Although they are large bale equipment with exceptional durability, proper care ensures optimal long-term performance. More details about maintenance on our products page.

The speed varies depending on the model and field conditions. For example, the AutoStack FSX can handle between 100 to 120 bales per hour, demonstrating high capacity and efficiency in bale stacking. Learn more about its performance in AutoStack FSX.

They are built to be extremely durable, using high-quality materials and a robust design to withstand the demands of bale agricultural machinery. Their durability is a key factor in their efficiency in bale handling. Details about their construction in our AutoStack comparison.

With extendable loading capacities and efficient stacking systems, these machines are essential for large-scale agricultural operations, allowing for the handling of large volumes of bales quickly and efficiently. More information about their application on our products page.

Safety is a priority in our designs. Features like independent hydraulic suspension and hydraulic or pneumatic brakes ensure stable and controlled operation, essential for safety in agricultural machinery. Details about safety in our AutoStack comparison.

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