The ForStack accumulator, to the conquest of Europe

After the successful demonstration route in France with the ForStack bale accumulator during the 2017 campaign, this year we decided to repeat the experience and even extend it. It was decided to visit, in addition to numerous French customers, a representation of German farmers, all of them in their own fields at the time of bale harvesting.

On this occasion it was about two weeks of travel and work in the French and German camps. Fortunately, the weather was very mild and conditions were ideal. The customers were again amazed to see the speed and performance of this machine, the youngest of the company but, after only 6 years of life, with already a great presence in the neighboring country.

Those interested had the opportunity not only to see the machine fully operational under normal working conditions but also to work personally with it, thus understanding the simplicity of use provided by its total automation. Once again, the machine triumphed even in the most adverse conditions, such as irregular and steep terrain, and even keeping up the pace of up to three packers. It becomes evident again that it is without a doubt a machine that gains a lot in short distances.

The ForStack bale accumulator makes small stacks of 3 to 5 bales, depending on their size, following the same direction of the balers. It is a fast and agile machine that performs a specific task with a unique operation process and high comfort which is specially designed for Bale Handling. It is not comparable with frontloading tractors or telescopic stackers which are not designed for this purpose.



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