Strengthen the australian market

December began in the antipodes, namely Australia. Joining our partner ACF Penrith, we traveled towards east and south of the country, visiting customers and discovering new areas where Arcusin equipment had recently landed.


Direct contact with customers is always very fulfilling. They showed us the great improvement that implies our equipment when handling bales and how easy it becomes. They also emphasized how simple and convenient is operating such type of machinery, even without any previous experience. Learning by doing! 


We covered thousands of kilometers and we were amazed by the vastness of this country-continent, the varieties of crops, the different working styles and the importance of having reliable, solid and robust machines, since many times farms are totally isolated from any urban center.


This has nothing to do with cosmopolitan and vibrant Sydney, our arrival and departure gate. Very close to this spectacular city, just 60 km away, we found newly opened ACF Penrith facilities.


There we finished our visit, with a good impression and looking forward to come again and continue working and enjoying the great Australia.


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