Arcusin revolutionazes the EE.UU. market with the MultiPack E14 bundler

The month of February has been very eventful for our American & export team, with two of the biggest national farming equipment shows happening almost simultaneously. For the first time since we opened Arcusin Corp. in 2019, our General Director, Josep Ramon, along with 3 other members of the Commercial & Operations team, flew to the US to attend the two events and learn more about this incredible market.

The first stop was in Tulare, California, where we presented the new Multipack E14 bale bundler at the World Ag Expo on February 14th. The launch of this new model was a major revolution for the market, especially for the 3-tie bale hay producers who have been asking for a machine that could work with these bales for years.

The demand for high-quality hay (primarily alfalfa and grass hay) from Asian markets such as China, Japan and South Korea has increased exponentially in the last decade. That’s why many hay producers in the West Coast work with the big 3-tie bales, as they can store more hay, are worth more money than large bales, and are optimized for shipping overseas. Up until this moment, these producers were not able to collect and bundle them automatically, incurring in huge labor costs, big time wasting and major inefficiencies when dealing with them.

We could feel the excitement around the E14 bundler. Some of the largest hay export producers stopped by our booth and were very interested in the machine, leaving our team of 6 people unable to catch a break! The client who has worked with us to test the prototype over the last year also stopped by with very positive feedback. We scheduled several demonstrations with some of these producers and we will see them again in March.

Double balers were also presented in Tulare for 2-tie and 3-tie bales, and Arcusin was invited to collaborate in a demonstration that will take place in Gila Bend, Arizona, the 16th & 17th of March. The Multipack E14 will bundle all bales coming out from these new double balers, as our machine can work with all size bales now.

We are also proud to announce that in Tulare our team was able to secure a new partnership with Krone North America as the sole distributor of all Arcusin products in California, adding them to the list of 20 dealers in the US.

On February 17th , the team flew to Louisville to meet Michael, our sales manager, at the National Farm Machinery. There was also a lot of hype around the new E14 bundler for 2-tie bales, offering more compaction and versatility than ever before. With the new touchscreen control system, it is now easier to track and monitor machine performance.

We are pleasantly surprised to see the reception that the E14 model has had, having to ramp up production in our factory to be able to meet the demand. We are so happy to see the footprint that Arcusin is leaving behind in the American market after 4 years since its aperture, always offering innovative and unique solutions to help farmers become more efficient.

Big shoutout to our American team members as well (who, by the way, has grown and it’s not formed by the famous Micah & Michael anymore!). Thanks for working so hard to make these two shows an absolute success full of promising opportunities!

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