40 years of innovation

Josep Ramon Pons, General Manager of Arcusin s.a., explains briefly the Arcusin history in the Profesional Agro magazine.

This is the opinion piece:

“A few days ago I attended a show in which a collection of antique tractors was exposed. I stopped and had a look at the view and reflection on the great development of the agricultural machinery sector for the last two centuries: from coal-fired boilers to combustion engines.

I remember with nostalgia going with my father to collect alfalfa bales in the paddock. It was in the 60s, at night so we could take advantage of the dew so the leaf, the protein source, kept clinging to the trunk. It was a hard but necessary work, since the alternatives at that time for manipulation were scarce.

Like tractors, an exclusive privilege of the big brands, the rest of the machinery agriculture has also evolved especially thanks to small entrepreneurs, who over the years have increasingly become manufacturers, adapting to the needs of the sector.

Amid this evolution, today 40 years ago, ARCUSIN was born as a company. Its birth wasn’t by chance. Its founderMr Armando Cusiné, the eldest of four brothers, belonged to the third generation of a family dedicated to the world of agriculture. His grandfather already in mid XIX century was involved in trading animals to pull agricultural implements.

At the beginning of the century, along with the great industrial revolution, was introduced dramatically the mechanization of the field. The Cusiné family adapted quickly to the new situation and soon became one of the first importers of agricultural machinery, dedicated mainly to forage. Over the years, they also controlled the dealership of a well-known brand of tractors (now belonging to the AGCO group) and introduced successfully these and other brands in its influence area. Currently a branch of the Cusiné family continues with the dealership enjoying great reputation in the sector.

It was then that Mr. Armando Cusiné, active, restless and persevering, detected a market niche lacking of solutions: handling small bales. A problem for the physical effort required as well as for the time wasting to collect, gather, storage and sale.

In the mid-70’s, Mr. Armando established its own society, ARCUSIN S.A., along with two partners: an engineer and a metal industrial. This way began the design and manufacturing process of the automatic bale loaders for straw and fodder bales, forerunners of current models. Later on, his son joined the company, Manuel Cusinécurrent president, which gave a new business impetus and began a period of growth with new strategies with foreigners markets on the horizon.

During the last 40 years, machines, products, customers and markets have undergone a process of continuous transformation due to the demands of globalization.

Companies have had to reinvent, merge, relocate and, in our case, we bet for technological innovation. Thanks to this period of severe changes, we are professionalized and adapted to new scenarios with presence in 50 markets to which we export regularly.

The automatic bale loader AutoStack is our cover letter. However, efforts and investment made in research and development have been productive with the launch, at the beginning of this century, of the bale packers for small bale Multipack, the shakers for olives and nuts, Autopick, and ARCUSIN latest incorporation to the family, ForStack large bales accumulator.

Outsourcing or internationalization is not only our own achievement, but of the local manufacturers of agricultural machinery as a group; companies that regardless their sizes have risked and invested their efforts. As mentioned, our economy is global and the world is a great market for all of us. With eagerness, effort and above all with the economic investment involved, local enterprises can compete proudly in terms of quality and price worldwide.

This year is our anniversary. ARCUSIN turns 40 years trying to keep us as world leaders in bale handling. Our most important aim is to facilitate our customers’ work, reduce their production costs and give an added value to their efforts, so they can increase their business margins.

Continue working to assist our customers, wherever they are, is our mission and we hope to meet and increase all expectations that we come across and to keep competing and improving as time goes by.

Finally, thank you for the opportunity to write these lines, where I tried to give a touch of our history on the occasion of our 40 years anniversary in the market. A story with concrete names, but surely can be reflected in many other companies in our sector.”

Josep Ramon Pons
General Manager
Arcusin s.a.

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