Arcusin travels to Australia

Our Export Area Manager, Jeroen Moleman, visited Australia last May. After not being able to travel to Australia for 2 years, Jeroen has now traveled for 3 weeks in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. Here too we have seen that the agricultural sector is suffering from high inflation and the events in Eastern Europe. But also, the aftermath of the corona period.

The trip was a great success as we were able to visit many customers, conclude some sales and found a new partner in South Australia.

A market growth has been observed in the sale of small bales for the horse industry in Australia. Our Multipack is the perfect equipment to take the work off your hands when producing small bales. Jeroen visited a big number of customers, and the feedback was always positive; they were all very satisfied and happy with the Arcusin machines.

For Arcusin is essential visit dealers and potential customers and discusses business face to face. This is our way of doing business, receive information about the market and ultimately achieves success. It totally pays off the long way to Australia.

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