FIMA 2020

Many months, and sometimes up to a year beforehand, the comments were: see you at FIMA… we’ll discuss it at FIMA… hopefully at FIMA… then the show arrived. In all its glory, with its exhibition halls brimming over with brand-new machinery, FIMA 2020 said good morning to us on Tuesday, 25 February.

At ARCUSIN, we brought a bigger stand, taking up both sides of the side-aisle of hall 6 and displaying all our equipment: AutoStack FSX and XP, MultiPack D14, ForStack, LinePack, AutoPick MT and GTI and the HUSTLER Feeder.

In keeping with tradition, AutoStack was the most applauded, supported this year by the new FAST TRACTION PICK-UP bale collection system, a machine that was sure to lift the FIMA 2020 prize for technical innovation at the Zaragoza convention centre. First prize was a figurine, rewarding the work of the engineers, technicians and all the staff at ARCUSIN.

FAST TRACTION is a new and improved bale collection system tested on the heaviest fodder and alfalfa bales, with excellent product collection. It avoids dragging the bales by raising them up. It fully respects the integrity of the product (especially in grouped bundles and alfalfa) and allows the pick-up to work more rapidly and higher up.

Also very well received was the new MultiPack D14 small-bale packing machine with the pick-up located to the right of the direction of travel. A landmark product that has been largely achieved due to the work of this year’s FIMA prize-winners, and to our best advice-givers, our customers!

Now, to bring this FIMA 2020 review to a close, I would like to mention the large number of visitors and huge amount of general interest in this sector which, in spite of its difficulties, continues to grow and advance. This is precisely why this trade show is an excellent meeting point for the world of agriculture and undoubtedly the most important in southern Europe.


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