New Arcusin MultiPack D14 Bale Bundler

You don’t need big machines for moving large quantities of product. A sufficient mixture of experience, engineering and perseverance can achieve an excellent solution, capable of providing high working efficiency in a way that is both comfortable and pleasant for the machine operator, and this solution is called Multipack D14.

The bale bundler machine appeared on the scene in 1995 in order to simplify a very specific task that was uncomfortable and tough. The aim was to turn a costly and burdensome job into a convenient and cost-effective one. The current D14 model is the 4th generation of this great solution to an agricultural need.

With the new D14, we can concentrate on the path followed in previous versions in order to implement some specific developments that will basically give us faster working speeds.

A combination of flexible sides and a sophisticated damping mechanism means that the machine is capable of collecting bundles that have been left unevenly on the ground; a significant step as it means the driver does not have to get out of the tractor to straighten the bundle.

Another significant change is the new location of the pick-up, located to the right of the tractor’s direction of travel.

These changes, in addition to one or two others, make one of the most in-demand machines worldwide better than ever.

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