Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato 2016 – Irapuato, Gto. Mexico

ARCUSIN S.A. took part for in the EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO 2016 in Irapuato, Gto. Mexico, from November, 8 to 11, with  its bale stacker AutoStack XP54T hooked to a JCB Fastrac presented by Taycosa, JCB distributor for Durango – Coahuila – Chihuahua.


This year Arcusin has collaborated the Catalan Association of Exporters of Agricultural Machinery, FEMAC, with a open 600 sq. m. shared with 4 other Catalan companies belonging to the  association: JUSCAFRESA, GEPAVAL, VILA MAQUINARIA AGRICOLA, AMP SPRAYERS AND ARCUSIN. The group was completed by three Aragonese companies: AGARIN, AGROMET and OSMAC. We also counted on the indispensable commercial and logistic collaboration of JUSCAFRESA AMERICA, true promoter and creator of our presence in this great market.


Other FEMAC partners who took part in the event with their own stands or through their own distributors were: JYMPA, NIUBO and TEYME.


There was a great public and lots of interest in the different equipments presented. This fair keeps the tradition of visiting the exhibition looking for something to buy and therefore exhibitors do close deals during the show.


As a highlight, and especially for foreign exhibitors, this year negotiations and deals were altered by the side effect of DONALD TRUMP’s victory as President elected of the United States. The president’s statements made during the campaign, had a strong impact in his neighboring country, and therefore immediate effect on the peso’s exchange rate, causing some uncertainty and bewilderment in the short term.


We will have to wait a few days to see the course of the events and wait until the situation calms down and confidence in the neighbouring country can be restored.


Mexico has great possibilities in the agricultural and livestock sector. Its fields, crops, climate and diversity offer a multitude of options and opportunities for all our products. We hope to continue our collaboration in this great market and attend next year the show with new products and solutions.


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