Australia, a great market

The grain harvest in Australia is at full capacity.


Our winter months correspond with the harvest time of one of the world’s largest wheat producers. According to US Department of Agriculture (USDA), it is estimated that 24 million tons of wheat will be produced in Australia in 2016-17, representing 3.5% of world production.


Australia was the 5th largest wheat exporter in the world last year, delivering almost 80% of its local production to major Asian and Middle Eastern markets.
Wheat is Australia’s main cereal. Its harvest begins in the center of the country, Queensland, during the month of August and progresses to the south and east coast, ending in January in the state of Victoria. On the west coast, the harvest starts by October and is completed during the first month of the year.


This year however, spring has been unusually wet in the eastern states causing floods that have delayed the harvest for a few weeks. The inability to enter the fields with trucks has increased the use of self-loading bale chasers such as the AutoStack XP and the FSX 63.72, as we were informed a few days ago, during James Fitzpatrick visit to our facilities, the new distributor of Arcusin products in AustraliaACF Penrith.


 “Farmers have realized that using Arcusin equipment was the only way to get bales out of the field quickly and without damaging the terrain. These unusual conditions – we are more used to suffer drought than floods – have allowed us to demonstrate in a few weeks the efficiency of the Arcusin machines and the savings in time and labor that their use implies. “


The local press has also echoed the advantages of working with Arcusin trailers and bale packers manufactured in Spain for more than 40 years.


> AgTrader Monthly : Arcusin: handling with ease


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