Start up in Ukraine

Early July, ARCUSIN team made a successful start-up in Ukraine, in the eastern part of the country, in Kharkov province.

Among other services, Arcusin offers the possibility of a training during the commissioning of the equipment and thus understand better the machine operation in real conditions. This way, we highlight the key features that make our products become essential in the fields.

Likewise, our dealers receive the necessary knowledge to provide a qualified after-sales service to their customers. Alos it allows us to understand the real needs of our customers and the volumes they need to handle.

As emphasized by the Agroexpert magazine in its August issue;

“Handling costs were significant, there were 5 to 6 machines in the field and about 10 workers. When we discovered the Arcusin company, we knew that it was the only way to save costs and time and thus gain more profitability by reducing the manpower and machinery we use during field work” explained Victor Vergun, Director of a large Agricultural holding.

This holding manages an area of ​​3,000 hectares where they mainly grow cereals and fodder for the breeding of livestock. Each year they store about 3,000 T of straw. His first impressions were so good that he is already considering investing in more Arcusin units for next harvest.

The agricultural sector in Ukraine is evolving and there is an increasing demand for effective and advanced solutions to increase the benefits of farms. The arrival of new AutoStack trailers to the market is a clear example.



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