Finding labor during peak season turned into a daunting task I had no time for, so I started researching ways to get rid of that headache

In 4 short years, Jan has become one of the largest exporters of hay in Czech Republic thanks to his equipment decisions

– Jan Bezděk, MultiPack D14 & ForStack

Jan is the founder and CEO of a very successful technology company located in Prague, SiteOne. They offer integral software solutions for clients worldwide and has a very successful team who run the business when he is busy working the land. He is a very savvy, self-taught individual who loves experiencing and learning new things that are out of his comfort zone.

Four years ago, an opportunity came up to buy a farm in a region of the country with rich agricultural background and start a new operation from scratch. He went for it and quickly began working the fields as a side gig. Monday through Thursday he runs a team of more than one hundred IT professionals, and Thursday to Sunday he can be found driving his tractor, oiling his machines, or planting out seeds with his 8-year-old son.

Jan quickly realized how much he loved the process of growing his own hay and knew that if he wanted to escalate the business, he had to invest in the right piece of equipment. “Finding labor that could help me at the farm during peak season turned into a daunting task I had no time for, so I started researching ways to get rid of that headache. I fell in love with the Arcusin bundler model because of its simplicity and the flexibility that would offer to my business. I didn’t have to invest in additional equipment as it could be towed behind my small tractor and it allowed me to switch bale sizes and products without any big adjustments”.

The machine has been in service for two full seasons and hasn’t had any major issues. Jan says the ones they had were caused due to operator inexperience. “The machine is so open and accessible that you can quickly see what goes wrong and fix it in most circumstances”.

In 4 short years Jan has become one of the largest exporters of hay in Czech Republic, and he claims this would have not been possible without making the right decisions about their equipment. “Once my bundling operation was up and running, I realized I needed a faster way to collect the bundles and get them into the shed as quickly as possible. That’s when I bought the ForStack bale accumulator, and I couldn’t be happier with the system I created when working with the two together.”

One of the things Jan identifies with the most is that despite Arcusin’s growth in the last few years, the company has remained a family business with its core values being untouched.

“I’m such a fan of their machines that during a business trip to Barcelona I made sure I saved some time to visit their factory and meet the team personally. They are big on hospitality and made me feel at home from the start. When a good product has a great group of people behind, that’s the real deal for me.”

Other testimonials

I chose the Arcusin because I wanted to be able to operate in small fields and on steep banks, something I felt the a...

– Simon Chiles, MultiPack B14

There were days when I looked at the clouds and I knew I wouldn’t have the bales in the barn before it rained

– Clint Dahl, MultiPack D14

The AutoStack XP stacker has taken 3 staff and 3 telehandlers out of the equation

– Jeff Watkins, AutoStack XP

Being able to have tight and sturdy bundles made stacking and loading platforms so much faster.

– Albert Vilaró, MultiPack D14

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