There were days when I looked at the clouds and I knew I wouldn’t have the bales in the barn before it rained

This couple took a big leap upgrading their bale handling equipment, but they are happy they finally pulled the trigger.

– Clint Dahl, MultiPack D14

Clint Dahl is a 5th generation rancher on his family’s farm & ranch in North Dakota. Along with his wife Reilee, they run a cow calf operation raising primarily Angus and Hereford cattle. They also grow alfalfa and grass hay to feed their animals, selling the stock they don’t need to other customers in the area.

Before buying their first Arcusin bale bundler in 2022, the couple operated with a Massey Ferguson 1840 baler and a 4-bale Kuhn accumulator. Clint then went with his 8-bunch grabber attachment on his skid-steer and picked up 8 small bales at a time. “It was taking forever to clean up the fields. There were days when I looked at the clouds 2 hours away and I knew I wouldn’t have the bales in the barn by the time it rained.”

The biggest reason why they took a big leap and upgraded their haying equipment was to become more efficient in their logistics. This was a very well-thought-out decision as Clint did an extensive research during 2 years by watching videos, talking to other farmers and debating it in hay group sites. “I’m so glad I finally decided to pull the trigger, this is a unique piece of equipment, super-efficient and very easy to handle. It makes my life easier and allows me to make the highest quality hay for my customers”.

With the new system that the MultiPack D14 offers, Clint and Railee can now grab two bundles at a time with a side grapple, load them in wagons and get them into the shed very quickly. These 3x3x8 bundles are also easier to ship, which allows them to put more bales per trailer at a much faster pace. “The biggest benefit for the end customer is that with these bundles they don’t have to deal with small squares anymore. Nowadays almost everybody has a small yard tractor or skid steer, so they can just grab them with a bale spear, put them in their shed or tarp and be done. The consistency and compaction of the bundles also allows them to stack more of them in their barn.”

This young couple lives only 2,5 hours from Dairy country in southern-central Minnesota. “I can load these bundles up, go there and be as profitable as selling them in the horse hay market”. Instead of limiting the production of small square bundles and switching to round bales like they did before, they can now keep going as it takes the same amount of time and effort to do small square bales than gathering round ones.

Clint and Railee are excited to kick off the 2023 hay season. They created a farming channel on Youtube called “How We Ranch” where they show what goes into raising livestock and their day-to-day life at the ranch. Follow them along on this adventure!

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