Being able to have tight and sturdy bundles made stacking and loading platforms so much faster.

Albert has helped Arcusin test its prototypes for years as he lives 10 km away from the company’s factory

– Albert Vilaró, MultiPack D14

Albert Vilaró is a young farmer with an impressive background in agriculture who operates in Bellvís, Spain, and grows premium alfalfa hay to commercialize in the equine market throughout Europe.

His dad owned several acres of land in the region growing different kinds of fruit trees, and even though Albert worked in the family business for years, his passion was always riding and working closely with horses. It was difficult to find good-quality hay in the area to feed competition horses, so he decided to take a piece of land and start growing his own product. “The greatest businesses start out of a personal necessity. I had the land, the time and the skills, why don’t do it myself?”.

As the business grew, Albert quickly realized finding labor consistently season after season was a more difficult that he could anticipate, plus he was wasting too much time collecting & stacking bales with the telehandler, getting rained on at times as he was not fast enough.

I needed to find a solution that would help me escalate my hay business. I’ve known Arcusin my whole life, their factory is only 6 miles away from me so we are basically neighbors. I decided to pay them a visit and I was impressed with their bundler from the get-go

In 2019 Arcusin contacted Albert to ask if he wanted to test the new prototype, the MultiPack D14 and he didn’t hesitate. “I love machinery and always look for ways to incorporate new farming technology to my business to maximize my time and productivity. I loved the improvements that were made on the pick-up arm and the tighter compaction of the bundles. I ended up upgrading my machine and this is the model I run ever since, both in the field and in static mode”. His team also utilitzes the Grabpack 3X to transport bundles to the shed and load trucks when needed. It is safe to say that Albert can be considered, in a way, one more of the Arcusin team as he has worked hand-in-hand with the engineering team to improve the machine over time and adapt it to the needs of the market.

Other testimonials

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The AutoStack XP stacker has taken 3 staff and 3 telehandlers out of the equation

– Jeff Watkins, AutoStack XP

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