July, month of visits

Since the harvests starts earlier here in Spain, we always receive plenty of visits during the month of July to see the machines working in real conditions.

This year we had visitors coming from New Zealand, Ukraine and Mexico.

From New Zealand we were visited by Greig Singer and Greg Kell, from Giltrap AgriZone, to get some training about our equipment in real conditions, specially our trailers. They were impressed by the ease of handling and how our AutoStack is considered an essential tool among contractors here in Spain.

From Mexico we had a delegation from various parts of the territory. In Mexico the use of small bales is very common, they were very surprised by the great performance and usefulness of our small bundle packer MultiPack C14. They also had the opportunity to see working and text our brand new bale accumulator ForStack, a great option for mexican contractors.

From near Kiev, we were visited by U-Profit along with some of its customers. They only needed to see our AutoStack FSX 63.72 live to get convinced of the enormous benefit and impact that such implement would have on their operation in Ukraine. The engineers spoke highly about Arcusin technology to collect big square bales, making this hard work something simple and fast thanks to AutoStack.

With all of them, we visited different fields, got into our customers tractors and had the opportunity to share experiences and learn about the different ways of working in each of the countries.


Thank you everyone for their visit and also to all our customers who very kindly collaborated in showing the machines working and dedicate their time.



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