Arcusin presents the new 2024 Multipack E14 bundler at the Midlands Machinery Show

During the recent edition of the Midlands Machinery Show, Arcusin stood out with its prominent participation alongside its UK distributor, ARCUSIN UK. The event provided the perfect platform to showcase Arcusin’s latest breakthrough: the MultiPack E14, a bale packer engineered to transform farming operations.

Versatile and lightweight, the E14 allows to pick up 14 small bales of any size and package them into compact & uniform larger packs, offering ultimate convenience to end users and simplifying storage and transportation. In addition, this machine is revolutionizing the 3-tie bale market as it is the first and only packer that can work with these heavier and larger bales.

The E14 model delivers unprecedented compaction through its adjustable compaction chamber, an optimized tying process and the redesign of its back gate. The pick-up has also been reinforced and a new guided system has been incorporated to guarantee excellent performance and durability when working with larger and heavier bales. The incorporation of a fifth knotter ensures superior bundle fixation, and the new touchscreen control system allows farmers to customize the machine performance based on their needs. New programs enable selection of bale size, desired compaction levels, variable tension of the twine based on product conditions (wet/dry), pusher speed and more, ensuring a seamless integration into each farmer’s unique workflow.

During the event, Arcusin’s booth witnessed the presence of numerous current customers, who took the opportunity to get up close with the MultiPack E14 and discuss its benefits directly with the Arcusin team. Furthermore, the participation of potential customers from various regions of the UK underscores the growing interest in the advanced solutions that Arcusin offers for modern agriculture.

In summary, Arcusin’s participation in the Midlands Machinery Show was a success. This event represents a significant step toward strengthening business relationships and expanding Arcusin’s presence in the British market.


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