AutoStack XP


What’s unique about this bale stacker?

The AutoStack XP is our lighter stacker model and has been specifically designed for irrigated, muddy and soft fields.

With a completely automatic working cycle, the collection and stacking of large bales can now be carried out by one single operator in a safe and consistent manner, saving hours of time and minimizing labor costs.

High-speed & automatic working cycle

Monitored from display in the tractor cabin

Performance 90 to 100 bales/hour

Dependent on baled product and field conditions

Ideal for irrigated, muddy and soft fields

Compatible with all bale sizes

Floating & single-turn pick-up

Does not push or drag bales in the field

Self-steering rear axle

Reduce soil compaction

One loading capacity

Stacking height 5,4m

Safe & compact stacking

Unloading system with intelligent twines to assure full stability

One man operation

No previous experience required

ARCUSIN AutoStack bale stackers

Both stacker models are built with top electronics and hydraulics,
offering farmers very reliable machines that will operate in all sort of terrains and conditions

The biggest difference between the two is their loading capacity

The FSX being the larger model and recommended for contractors or big explotations that need to move large amounts of bales

The XP is ideal for farmers with smaller fields that are used to work in humid conditions

Key features

Pick-up arm

The collection system is patented and unique in the market, loads all types of bales and sizes without damaging the product. The chains are automatically activated once the bale is detected and the loading process is carried out with one single turn.

Dimensions & Capacity

No need to adapt the machine, ideal for contractors



17,196 lb

35,274 lb






398 in

213 in

252 in

98 in

153 in

Loading capacity according to bale size

Machine set-up

A step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble our AutoStack XP stacker

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