Bale Handler

Discover how they streamline your operations, from field to storage

The GrabPack 3X stands out as our best-selling handler, capable of stacking up to three bundles high and adept at handling even a single large bale. Equipped with 16 heavy-duty steel teeth plus 6 spears, it ensures a tight and secure grip on bales. Designed for efficiency, it easily navigates rough terrain and tight spaces, enabling vertical loading for full-height stacking. This makes the GrabPack 3X ideal for loading and unloading enclosed-style trailers, enhancing operational efficiency in diverse farming environments.

The GrabPack LIFT is a versatile bale handler, uniquely mounted to lift two packs at a time from the top. Specially engineered to move Arcusin bundles, it features 12 heavy-duty steel teeth that penetrate even the tightest bales for a secure grip. Its adaptable design allows for mounting in either direction, catering to various operational needs. The high lift mounts on the GrabPack LIFT provide an additional 60 cm (24 inches) of stack height, making it ideal for loading and unloading on flat platforms, and enhancing its utility in diverse agricultural settings

LinePack ensures perfect bale alignment for collection with an AutoStack, featuring a rounded side for straight placement and effortless pick-up without steering adjustments. It includes an adjustable bale bar with three positions, spanning widths of 2,500, 2,700, or 2,900 mm, to suit various bale sizes. Equipped with hydraulic-operated tines, the LinePack can pick up an additional one or two bales before leaving the field. Tailored to meet diverse requirements, it offers the option to include side and/or back counterweights and a toolbox, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to specific farming needs.

Frequent questions

Our Bale Handlers, including the GrabPack and LinePack lines, are designed to offer total control and precision in bale handling. Their ability to move grouped bales quickly and align them perfectly in the field significantly improves efficiency on modern farms, reducing the time and effort needed in bale logistics.

The GrabPack excels in its ability to handle both grouped bales and large individual bales. With 16 heavy-duty steel tines and 6 lances, it grips bales securely and efficiently, ideal for transporting packages through difficult terrain and tight spaces, making it an essential tool for loading and unloading bales.

The LinePack, complementary to our AutoStack stackers, adapts to a variety of agricultural needs with its versatility to line up bales in the field and pick up one or two additional bales. This capability increases the stacker’s load capacity and allows for efficient bale handling in a wide range of field conditions.

On large farms, Bale Handlers offer key benefits such as increased loading capacity and improved bale handling efficiency. Their robust design and advanced functionality facilitate intensive work, allowing farmers to handle large volumes of bales quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources.

The efficiency and precision of our Bale Handlers contribute significantly to a more sustainable agriculture. By optimizing the bale handling process, they reduce the need for multiple passes in the field, reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact, while increasing farm productivity and profitability.