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Discover our range of Bale Stackers designed for efficient bale handling and storage in agriculture. Explore innovative solutions that offer versatility, ease of use, and maximum performance. Find the perfect bale stacker for your needs in our wide selection of models and configurations.
Explore our Bale Accumulators for streamlined bale collection and stacking in agricultural operations. Choose from our range of efficient and versatile solutions that simplify the handling of bales. Find the ideal Bale Accumulator to enhance your farming efficiency and productivity.
Discover our Bale Bundlers designed to efficiently bundle and secure your harvested bales. Our Bale Bundling solutions ensure easy transportation and storage of bales, optimizing your farming processes and reducing handling efforts.
Discover our versatile Bale Handlers designed to provide precise control over bale logistics. Whether you choose GrabPack, LinePack, or LiftPack, these handlers ensure efficient bale handling, with options for different farm needs.

Explore our extensive range of Nut & Olive Shakers, meticulously crafted to revolutionize the harvesting process while preserving the integrity of your trees. Our innovative shakers are engineered to deliver unparalleled efficiency and precision in nut and olive collection, ensuring a bountiful harvest without compromising the health of your orchards.

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Arcusin’s bale stackers, like the AutoStack FSX and AutoStack XP, stand out for their superior efficiency and adaptability, making bale handling seamless in farms of all sizes.

Our ForStack is a high-speed, lightweight accumulator, perfect for optimizing bale collection and storage, significantly improving efficiency on your farm.

The MultiPack E14 transforms the handling of small square bales, offering an automated, profitable solution for collecting and storing small square bales.

Arcusin’s bale handlers, including the GrabPack 3X, GrabPack LIFT, and LinePack, provide total control and precision in bale handling, adaptable to various storage and loading needs.

Our shakers, such as the AutoPick GTi, AutoPick GT, and AutoPick MT, are ideal for efficient and gentle harvesting, ensuring tree integrity while maximizing fruit collection.

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