Arcusin & Arcusin UK 在 2024 年 Lamma 展会上成功参与的回顾

LAMMA 2024 展会是英国首要的农业机械展览,上周在伯明翰国家展览中心(NEC)充满热情地拉开帷幕。与我们的官方经销商 Arcusin UK 的合作下,我们在20号馆布置了一个出色的展览,热烈欢迎访客并建立了宝贵的联系。

阿库辛在Agritechnica 2023展示其最新的设备创新

Arcusin 很高兴能够参加这次活动,该活动位于 27 号展厅,周围有 Krone 和 Pottinger 等著名农业品牌。我们展示了三款最好的机器:Autostack XP 捆包堆垛机,以其处理大捆的安全性和效率而闻名; Forstack 草捆收集器,能够在创纪录的时间内堆叠 4-5 草捆;我们最新推出的 2024 年多件装 E14 型号,体现了我们对不断创新的承诺。

Kicking off the 2024 season at the Sunbelt Ag Expo

The Sunbelt Ag Expo is one of the first agricultural events in the United States every year. It provides an incredible platform for companies like us to showcase their innovations, share knowledge and network with other farmers who are interested in products for next year’s harvest.

Demoagro 2023, a memorable return to the field

Demoagro’s 5th edition took place in Rueda, Valladolid, at the end of May, consolidating it as one of the most important agricultural fairs in Spain. The event took place outdoors, offering to the 30,000 attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in agricultural machinery, watch live demonstrations and drive the machines first hand.

Arcusin receives an award for its Leadership in Innovation and Digitalization

The Chamber of Commerce in Lleida hosted the fifth edition of the Pyme of the Year award on December 21st in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Banco Santander. These awards seek to recognize the efforts being made by companies in Lleida to generate employment and wealth in the territory.

FIMA 2020

Many months, and sometimes up to a year beforehand, the comments were: see you at FIMA… we’ll discuss it at FIMA… hopefully at FIMA… then the show arrived. In all its glory, with its exhibition halls brimming over with brand-new machinery, FIMA 2020 said good morning to us on Tuesday, 25 February.

DEMOAGRO: a step forward

Demoagro 2019 held on May 21st to 23th its fourth edition in Aragon, specifically in La Finca Castillo de Orus, a few kilometers from Huesca city. An unbeatable place that met all the requirements demanded so that the demonstrations of the machines and equipment showed their best doing.