Demoagro 2023, a memorable return to the field

Demoagro’s 5th edition took place in Rueda, Valladolid, at the end of May, consolidating it as one of the most important agricultural fairs in Spain. The event took place outdoors, offering to the 30,000 attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in agricultural machinery, watch live demonstrations and drive the machines first hand.

Arcusin receives an award for its Leadership in Innovation and Digitalization

The Chamber of Commerce in Lleida hosted the fifth edition of the Pyme of the Year award on December 21st in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Banco Santander. These awards seek to recognize the efforts being made by companies in Lleida to generate employment and wealth in the territory.

Выставка FIMA 2020

В течение многих месяцев, иногда почти год назад, уже звучало: «увидимся на FIMA», «обсудим это на FIMA», «хоть бы на FIMA»… И вот эта выставка открылась! Международная выставка оборудования для агропромышленного комплекса FIMA 2020 гостеприимно распахнула свои двери во вторник 25 февраля, представ во всем великолепии своих павильонов, заполненных множеством новых и сверкающих машин и оборудования.

DEMOAGRO: a step forward

Demoagro 2019 held on May 21st to 23th its fourth edition in Aragon, specifically in La Finca Castillo de Orus, a few kilometers from Huesca city. An unbeatable place that met all the requirements demanded so that the demonstrations of the machines and equipment showed their best doing.

SIMA 2019

В течение 24-28 февраля в Вильпинте, Париж, состоялось еще одно издание SIMA, самой важной сельскохозяйственной  ярмарки техники во Франции. Arcusin снова присутствовал с техникой на стенде, как это обычно происходит, на этом мероприятии, в котором собираются основные бренды сектора, чтобы представить свои новинки для будущего сезона.


Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I care to remember, the 58th edition of Fercam 2018 has been celebrated.

As usual, the weather is news and it is worth mentioning that it is an important factor for the Fair. This year, in 4 of the 5 days of the fair, the temperatures were pleasant and led to the influx of visitors and good development of the Show.

Demoagro 2017

2017 Demoagro was held in Cuenca (Spain), on the spectacular plantation La Granja, located between San Clemente and Alberca de Záncara. As it couldn’t be otherwise, Arcusin team was enjoying three days among customers, friends and colleagues from the agricultural machinery sector.