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Вы должны быть уверены в своем решении о покупке, вот что говорят другие фермеры о своих машинах Arcusin

I chose the Arcusin because I wanted to be able to operate in small fields and on steep banks, something I felt the alternative brands wouldn’t be as proficient at.

– Simon Chiles, MultiPack B14

Finding labor during peak season turned into a daunting task I had no time for, so I started researching ways to get rid of that headache

– Jan Bezděk, MultiPack D14 & ForStack

There were days when I looked at the clouds and I knew I wouldn’t have the bales in the barn before it rained

– Clint Dahl, MultiPack D14

The AutoStack XP stacker has taken 3 staff and 3 telehandlers out of the equation

– Jeff Watkins, AutoStack XP

Being able to have tight and sturdy bundles made stacking and loading platforms so much faster.

– Albert Vilaró, MultiPack D14

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