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Automatic Bale Loader & Stacker AutoStack FSX 2020-12-21T11:28:56+00:00


Automatic Bale Loader & Stacker AutoStack FSX

The world leader stacking bales.
Efficient, safe and reliable.

  • The leader in technology, safety and work control.
  • Adaptable to all bale types and bale sizes and to the different types of forage on the market.
  • Easy, intuitive handling. One operator can carry out the whole process.
  • High speed, well-designed and equipped to work at high speeds. More work cycles in the same total working time.
  • Smooth operations, smooth start, gradual acceleration when setting off and progressive slow down at the end of the working cycle
  • Simple and functional, absolute control and extensive safety features.
  • Equipped with intelligent and independent heavy duty tines. Patented system by Arcusin sa
  • Part or half unloads easy, fast and secure.
  • Removes the distances between piles even operating with high density bales.


Hydraulic suspension and high speed displacements

Designed and equipped to work at high speeds.

Reduction of the length of the transport intervals between loading and unloading. More working cycles in the same total running time.

Better adaptation to all types of terrain, ensuring more stable loads (guaranteed stacking quality).

The wheels do not lose contact with the ground. Minimized risk of rollovers on slopes.

Wheels are easy to change when replacements are required.

Less work for the tractor, with the corresponding fuel saving.

Pick up

Floating system with single-action turn.

Hydraulic damping in all phases of the pick-up turning cycle.

Smooth, gradual, acceleration at start up. Progressive slow down at the end of a run, when moving both up and down slopes.

The loading operation is carried out with a single turn of the pick-up and without the involvement of any other mechanisms.

The check-control in the cabin constantly supervises all of the functions.

The pick-up management programme ensures complete safety.

It is not possible for the turn to be spontaneously interrupted while the pick-up is turning. Even if a bale is not detected by the sensor, the pick-up will turn without damaging the bale.

Totally adjustable. Adaptable to all bale sizes.

Position specially chosen to allow the tractor to turn without problems.

Various types of chain depending on the condition of the product that is to be loaded. (packs of grouped small bales or baled straw)

Impossible to interrupt the turning action. Automatic (stop/start) control of the drive chains when bales are detected at the mouth of the pick-up. Personalised programming to ensure that the bales are loaded as quickly as possible and without dropping any bales. This implies an important extension to the working lives of the chains.

Drive rollers

Cone-shaped rollers to position the bales and ensure perfect alignment with the pusher.

More separated, to provide greater stability when the bale leaves the pick-up and is transferred onto the loading platform.

Position designed to minimise friction between the bale entering the loading platform and the one previously delivered onto it.

Double power, dual motor, with one motor for each roller.


Rapid linear displacement of bales.

With adjustable, plastic laterals for greater control.

Loading plataform

Platform on which bales are grouped as they are delivered by the pick-up.Once the space available on this platform is full, the bales are (vertically) pushed moved onto the trailer bed by a circular movement.

“Extendable” trailer bed

Part of the trailer on which all the grouped bales delivered from the loading platform are stored. When the trailer bed is full, the unloading process begins and the trailer bed tips until it reaches its vertical position.

Possibility of extending the length of the trailer bed and thereby increasing the machine’s loading capacity.

Perfect delivery of each layer of bales on the trailer bed, ensuring a compact load (guaranteed stacking quality).


Adjustable rail to position the load on the AutoStack trailer bed (guaranteed stacking quality).

End of run integrated into the rail in order to provide more control.

Bale guide to ensure that the bales are perfectly aligned on the trailer bed.

Trailer bed side panels

Providing bales with greater support and perfect guidance, even on steep slopes. Preventing the misalignment of bales, deficient stacking and falling bales (guaranteed stacking quality).

Adjustable left side-panel (reference side) for centring the load on the trailer bed.

Right side-panel which can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor in order to correct the alienation of irregular-sized bales.

Adjustable working height.

It is not necessary to adjust the height of the tractor coupling. Our system guarantees maintaining a perfect, constant distancebetween both the trailer bed (guarantee for stacking) and the pick-up and the ground. Standard ring coupling or ball coupling.

Stacking and unloading

Simple, quick and safe unloading.

Possibility of automatically unloading part loads.

Smart, reinforced and independent discharge tines which ensure unloading stability, adapting to the unevenness of the terrain. System patented by Arcusin s.a.



Electrical control and safety

Constant indicators of the work cycle through check-control. Travel, day and totalizer counters. A single 4-wire cable between the tractor and the AutoStack. Cancellation of the turn of the mouth and possibility of evacuation of bullet. Automatic stop when the machine is full. Possibility of regulating the advance of the bullet from the cab of the tractor.
Alert sounder throughout the download process.
Supply voltage 12 V dc.

Own hydraulic system

High-capacity variable flow pump. No bottlenecks or restrictions in the flow of oil through the circuit.

Simple, well-balanced, operating system. Perfect working performance.

Electrically controlled hydraulic distribution. Total control of the operating speeds and pressures for all of the AutoStack’s movements.

Alternative of manual control of operations using the levers on the hydraulic block.

Required hydraulic capacity 53 HP.

Tool box

As there are currently a number of different tractor and bailer manufacturers operating in the market and therefore a variety of different bale and pack dimensions, the ARCUSIN automatic bale loader can be adjusted to work with different systems. To make the required adjustments, the machine comes equipped with its own tool box.


A choice is available:

Semi-continuous hydraulic brake. Combined shoe-drum hydraulically activated brake. Single conduit coupling. Independent brake circuit.

Semi-continuous service brake. Combined shoe-drum pneumatically activated brake. Double conduit coupling. Independent brake circuit. If the coupling breaks, the brake automatically blocks the system, activating the pneumatic brake when the air supply is interrupted.

The parking brake is mechanical and independent.


There is a single extractor mounted on the chassis which pushes against the central part of the base of the stack(guaranteefor stacking).


Dimensions, weights and loads
FSX 63·72
(A) Total length 10.975 mm
(B) Distance between coupling and boggie center 7.840 mm
(C) Rear Overhang 3.075 mm
(D) Distance between axis 1.150 mm
(E) Width 2.550 mm
(F) Lane 2.010 mm
(G) Height  mín. 3.600 mm / máx. 3.960 mm
(H) Trailer bed length mín. 6.300 mm / máx. 7.200 mm
(I) Turning radius of trailer bed mín. 7.000 mm / máx. 8.000 mm
TARE 9.200 kg
M.M.A. 16.000 kg
Loading capacities (units of bales)
X x Y Units
130 x 120 cm 10 – 12
90 x 120 cm 14 – 16
80 x 120 cm 16 – 18
70 x 120 cm 18 – 20
90 x 80 cm 21 – 24
80 x 80 cm 24 – 27
70 x 80 cm 27 – 30
60 x 90 cm 30 – 36
50 x 80 cm 36 – 42
47 x 80 cm 39 – 45
Bale Bundles 100 x 120 cm 12 – 14
Other characteristics
Type of tire
Industrial 435/50R 19.5
Flotation 620/40 22.5


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