Lerma 2017

The Lerma show; The unpredictable, the amazing, the fascinating, the one that fills up our suitcase with clothes, since you never know if it going to be cold or hot or both. This year has been the worst possible scenario for the exhibitors: cold, windy and rainy. Despite all of it a faithful audience visited as usual.

Cool or hot, Arcusin was attended the show with its latest models,  highlighting the new bale accumulator Forstack 12, which was most demanded equipment by our visitors.

However Castilla León is suffering one the worst drought. As usual ,there those who see the glass half ful, considering it will help to sell at a higher price the large stocks from previous harvest; after all, every cloud has a silver lining. So at the end, thanks to the four drops that fell, they brought a renewed hope of an almost lost harvest and let us a good show ending.

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