Arcusin revolutionazes the EE.UU. market with the MultiPack E14 bundler

The month of February has been very eventful for our American & export team, with two of the biggest national farming equipment shows happening almost simultaneously. For the first time since we opened Arcusin Corp. in 2019, our General Director, Josep Ramon, along with 3 other members of the Commercial & Operations team, flew to the US to attend the two events and learn more about this incredible market.

Bale handling equipment start-up tour in France

As a family-owned business, it is in our DNA to build tight relationships with our clients, who we consider part of our bale handling family. That’s why when we sell a machine, we always go to our customer’s location to do the initial start-up and spend a full day with them showing how to operate the machine in their fields.

New Arcusin MultiPack D14 Bale Bundler

You don’t need big machines for moving large quantities of product. A sufficient mixture of experience, engineering and perseverance can achieve an excellent solution, capable of providing high working efficiency in a way that is both comfortable and pleasant for the machine operator, and this solution is called Multipack D14.

Nouveau Arcusin MultiPack D14 Groupeur de balles

Il n’est pas nécessaire d’utiliser des machines de grande taille pour déplacer de grandes quantités de produit. Une combinaison d’expérience, d’ingénierie et de persévérance a suffi à mettre au point une solution prometteuse, au rendement élevé, permettant à l’opérateur de travailler de manière confortable et agréable. Cette solution, c’est le MultiPack D14.

The MultiPack C14 bale bundler to the conquest of America

On the occasion of the Farm Science Review, Agricultural Fair of Ohio in which Arcusin was present with its own stand, a commercial team moved to the other side of the pond to support our dealer in the area. This exhibition, a reference in the North-East of the United States, took place in mid-September and we exposed the small bales bundling machine MultiPack C14.

The ForStack accumulator, to the conquest of Europe

After the successful demonstration route in France with the ForStack bale accumulator during the 2017 campaign, this year we decided to repeat the experience and even extend it. It was decided to visit, in addition to numerous French customers, a representation of German farmers, all of them in their own fields at the time of bale harvesting.

L’accumulateur ForStack à la conquête de l’Europe

Après la fructueuse route de démonstration par la France avec l’accumulateur de pacas ForStack pendant la saison 2017, cette année on a décidé répéter l’expérience et même l’agrandir. Il a été décidé de visiter, en plus d’à de nombreux clients français, à une représentation d’agriculteurs allemands, tous sur ses propres champs dans la saison de récolte de balles.